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Liposomal Elderberry +

Liposomal Elderberry +

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Elderberry+ contains a potent Black Elderberry Juice 65:1 Concentrate, Vitamin C, and Sunfiber® for optimal immune support, in nano-encapsulated liposomal liquid form. Sunfiber®, a soluble, prebiotic dietary fiber, has synergistic effects on digestibility shown to enhance the absorption of nutrients.†

• Black Elderberry has been studied for its antibacterial and antivirtal activity; it was found to be active against human pathogenic bacteria as well as influenza viruses (1)

• Vitamin C is vital to immune function and is an essential cofactor in many enzymatic reactions in the body†

• Sunfiber®, a prebiotic fiber, helps replace the natural elderberry fiber lost during the juicing process. It helps with the absorption of the polyphenols and anthocyanins found in the elderberry†

• Liposomal nanoencapsulation has shown absorption rates 5-10 times higher than standard oral supplementation†


This product contains NO Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Soy or Yeast

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