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G.I. Fortify (capsules)‡

G.I. Fortify (capsules)‡

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• Maintains bowel regularity and supports healthy bowel movement frequency with psyllium and flax • Supports short chain fatty acid (SCFA) production to promote a healthy G.I. environment, microflora balance, and colon cell health • Promotes healthy intestinal cellular integrity and enhances the protective mucosal lining with l-glutamine, an important energy source for the G.I. tract in times of stress or increased metabolic demand • Enhances healthy G.I. detoxification with fiber and chlorella.

Designed to support a healthy G.I. environment, bowel regularity, colon function and detoxification

• Supports gastrointestinal health
• Promotes healthy bowel movement frequency
• Blend of high-impact fiber
• Supports the function, microflora balance, cellular health and detoxification of the G.I. tract

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