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Absolute Protein™ Vanilla

Absolute Protein™ Vanilla

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Absolute Protein™ is... Better! Absolute Protein™ is better because it is lean.* Only the lowest possible levels of naturally occurring sugar (carbohydrate) and fat are allowed to exist, and we scientifically selected only the leanest nutrients based on their biological merit. This formula offers L-Carnitine and niacin-bound chromium. These vital dietary nutrients, plus our unique and great tasting flavors, make this specialized whey protein formulation the optimal way to supplement meals while ensuring a high-quality protein diet.

Faster! Absolute Protein™ is faster because it is quickly soluble on shaking or stirring. Perfect for whenever you need to increase your high-quality protein intake without worrying about adding fat or sugar to your caloric load.* Fast mixing means fast acting, too! A perfect balance of concentrated whey proteins and hydrolyzed protein peptides for fast absorption, and isolated whey concentrates for slower absorption – leading to the most effective supply of muscle-building nutrients.

Stronger! Absolute Protein™ will help you stay stronger in your workouts because it is stronger.* The superior concentrated whey protein blend provides branched-chain amino acids and L-Glutamine. These important amino acids contribute to a large percentage of muscle mass and assist the fat-burning process.*
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